A large inventory of tailor made products for all makes and models

Our TAILOR MADE products

We offer a wide variety of customize tailor made products and spare parts for the water treatment, oil and gas, energy, and logistics industries.

  • Gate Valves
  • Wafer Valves
  • Guillotine Valves
  • Check Valves
  • Pressure Relief Valves
tailor-made products
  • Ring seal
  • PTFE seal
  • Guillotine Valves
  • Spiral wound seals
  • Metal sheathed seal
  • Rubber seal (silicone, neoprene, EPDM and nitrile)
  • Cork seals
  • Non-Asbestos seals
tailor-made products
  • Standard type
  • Efficient types
  • High penetration type
  • Shock absorber type
  • Grid for deminer

Available on different shapes (round, rectangular, ring, customized) and materials (stainless steel, carbon steel, PVC, PTFE…)

industrial pumps and motors
  • Axial Flow Pump
  • Axial Split Pumps
  • Bilge Pumps
  • Progressive Cavity Pumps
  • Radial Split Pumps
  • Circular Section Pumps
  • Vertical Pumps
  • Two Stage Pump
  • Single Stage Pump
  • Slurry Pumps
  • Gate Valves
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Magnesium
  • Titanium
  • Zinc

For different applications: sacrifice, plating, mixed metal oxide

  • Flat fan nozzles
  • Hollow cone nozzles
  • Full cone nozzles
  • Solid flow nozzles
custom boilermaking parts
  • Customized ESP/DEPS equipment
  • Piping
  • Ejector nozzle
  • Downstream capacitor
  • Upsteamcondensor
  • VFI filter
custom ejectors
  • Downstream ejector
  • Upstream ejector

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The brands we distribute

SUVEO International can provide you with spare parts for many brands. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will find the part you need.

Complementary activities

We have also developed several complementary activities around the sale of spare parts and industrial equipment, to allow our customers to benefit from increased added value through the following services:

  • Manufacture of monitoring equipment according to plans and specifications
  • Shipments of documentation on equipment and deliverables
  • Inspection and quality control of equipment according to specification standards
  • Quality documentation control
  • I.T.P (inspection test plan) according to standards
  • Implementation of quality procedures (product specifications)
  • Quality audit
  • RNC monitoring (non-compliance report)
tailor-made products

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